Submitting Control


My friends and I used to ask each other in high school which part of ourselves we would change if we could…it was probably a very unhealthy game that rooted in a lot of self hatred. But I actually had this thought today, where I wondered what my answer would be now. It wouldn’t be […]

When the World Goes Mad, Give Me Jesus


I am pretty much reminded on a daily basis of what a fallen world we live in. It is darkness fueled by darkness. When episodes happen just a few days short of Thanksgiving, my heart fills with gratitude towards the only hope and light, Jesus. Through him I know I am just a moment in […]

Freedom From Motherhood


When you think about freedom, what comes to mind? Maybe this great country that so many of us are blessed to live in, the United States of America? Or possibly the freedom that comes through Christ, of Jesus dying on the cross to take away our sins? Freedom that comes from not having to worry […]

I Want You to Want Me


There are days when my best laid plans to really stop and sit with the Lord are thwarted—all day long. This past week I had one day in particular that was primed and ready for some really great journal, worship, and prayer time. We had nothing on the agenda and even “getting out of my […]

Freedom Is Never Free


I live in an area of the country that is saturated with military presence. There is an army base, navy base, air force base, coast guard base, marine corps base, weapons stations, and the list goes on. At every turn there is military personnel. My husband’s sister is a military wife. Her husband is in […]

Freedom from Walls of Destruction

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When I was locked inside my head When I was lost in a maze of doubt You called my name and woke me up You called my name and led me out These words begin the song “I’m Alive” by Peter Furler and so accurately depicts where I was several years ago. My negative self-talk […]

Freedom in Christ

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I can be and have been bound by guilt, by sin, by everything in this world. And it’s not a lovely feeling, can you relate? That is exactly how the devil wants us to feel.  Bound. But Friends, do not forget what Christ did for you when he died on the cross for you. That […]

Freedom from Emotions

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Lately I feel like my life is surrounded by the whirlwind that is my emotions. I didn’t know what it was for a couple of weeks. Why was I getting so emotional over nothing or my feelings would get hurt so easily? I didn’t understand. It was like I was trying to escape the emotions […]

Women Don’t Like to Talk About This…Today, We Are.

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As you’ve noticed by the title, this is a topic most women just don’t talk about. Today, we’re talking about rape. So many women have suppressed their memories of the horrific event…in some cases, the multiple events. Women have chosen to suppress the memory, never speak of it, and act as if it never happened […]

What Will You Have To Endure Today?

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Do you ever have mornings where you wake up and think to yourself, “What am I going to have to endure today?” I know, it’s not the right attitude to have, especially first thing in the morning…but it’s a feeling that, I’ll admit, I experience way too often. Maybe you’re dealing with a family member’s bad attitude […]