“I’m the Lord’s Servant”

To me, there is nothing more enjoyable at Christmas than reveling over the birth of Jesus, our Savior and King! It seems every year, something more profound reveals what was unnoticed to me before. It was a few years ago that Mary made center stage. It wasn’t so much as her being chosen or what […]

A Loyal Friend

“Many will say they are a loyal friends, but who can find one who is truly reliable?” Proverbs 20:6 I have a friend whom I have known for 20 years. We met in fifth grade and have trudged through our teens and twenties together with both grace and calamity. I am not sure how I […]

Time is in the Hand of the Beholder

When I saw the topic of this week, I let out a frustrated sigh—on the inside. Time is almost a four-letter word in my house! I have recently been reading a historical fiction book that takes place during the Civil War. In the south, so much of their supply lines were cut off that the […]

Time Well Spent…

Just take a moment to consider, “How do you start your day?” I spend most days feeling like I am running around like a crazy person even though I worked hard to organize the coming day.  I am so guilty of just thinking “just one more snooze on my alarm” thinking that those few extra […]

Wisdom Through Hardship

Oh how technology has changed things. On my tablet I brought up Google and voice searched “Wisdom”…this is what came up: “the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.” On my iPhone® I asked Siri® what wisdom is and he said in his British accent that there were 4 […]

Blessed Is The Man Who Finds Wisdom

King Solomon (son of King David) had the chance to ask God for anything he wanted. It could have been riches and wealth, good looks, a long life, etc. Instead, Solomon asked God for wisdom and knowledge (2 Chronicles 1:7-12). He wanted to be wise enough to lead the people that God had made him […]

Wisdom is Love’s Twin

Such a lofty thing—wisdom. We all want it, but it requires so much of us. Wisdom does not associate itself with emotions. It is able to operate outside of “the heat of the moment.” It seems to come from a core connection with the supernatural. In looking at the passage in Corinthians 13—you know, the […]

The Wisdom in Our Priorities

When I look at my children, as I speak to them I desire for them to not only hear my words but to know my heart behind them.  My heart is for them to learn from me as I guide them and continue to look at me with unending trust as if I know everything that is […]

The Busy Cycle

Do you ever notice when things are going well…You are up for early morning quiet time, every morning. You are in God’s word every day. You feel so close and so On fire for God! Then things get busy, the world starts to distract. Suddenly that extra sleep sounds so good.  Being in God’s Word […]

The Wisdom Of Self-Forgetfulness

I wonder if everyone is like me, but I have been realizing in the past few years that if I boil my life’s struggles down to one distilled issue, it would be that there is a question in my heart that is unresolved: Am I beautiful? There have been moments, poignant ones, in my life […]

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