Anyone Can Put On Makeup…

Anyone can put on makeup, get in the perfect lighting and the perfect camera angle to take a beautiful picture. Now-a-days our technology allows us all to be great photographers. But that’s not real beauty. So many of us take pictures of ourselves and post them publicly for the wrong reasons. The attention we seek […]

Seek First for Self-Control

My whole life has been connected to the Church. I am sure I occupied a spot in a pew long before I could walk. I have vivid memories of doing my best to get comfortable enough to sleep; using my mom’s lap as a pillow and curling up on a hard, wooden pew bench that […]

Women Don’t Like to Talk About This…Today, We Are.

As you’ve noticed by the title, this is a topic most women just don’t talk about. Today, we’re talking about rape. So many women have suppressed their memories of the horrific event…in some cases, the multiple events. Women have chosen to suppress the memory, never speak of it, and act as if it never happened […]

Addiction, Feeling Worthless, and My Path to Freedom

  He said, “I think it’s time you share that story… it’s who you are.” I replied, “It’s not who I am, it’s who I was.” “It’s who you are because everything in your past has made you who you are today.” While I agree with part of that last statement, much of who I […]

Is Believing Enough?

  Allow me to shed some light to this, as I know this is more than a struggle with your non-christian friends, or even christian friends, and we don’t know what to say. Normally, I ignore comments and move on, but Christ calls us to stand up for our faith. So I am going to share […]

Life Lesson: Behind the Mask of Perfection

From the time we are little we watch and imitate the actions and manners of others and gauge what is right and wrong by what we see as true in how they handled the situations before them. We learn at a young age to hide behind masks of various types whether right or wrong. We […]

What Have You Sacrificed?

Do you remember before you had children how you imagined your life would be once you were a mommy? The picket fence and waking up every morning bright-eyed ready to greet your little pumpkin and start your day that would go smoothly.  I don’t know about you, but how I imagined mommy-hood is not quite […]

Sacrifice and Pride

It is said that moms know what sacrifice is. They make the ultimate sacrifices for their children, household, day in, day out. I am not downing moms in any way. In fact, whenever I see this I raise my head proudly and say, “YEP! I am a mom!! It’s all about my kids and my husband […]

Finding The Right Church

  In our search for a new church, God has revealed many things to me. -THE PERFECT CHURCH. It’s foolish for me to expect to find a perfect church because we are all sinners, even within the walls of a church building. -DON’T SETTLE. With that said, in searching for the right church, you should […]

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