In the Spirit of Christmas…

riMy children are getting to the age where they are noticing all of the Christmas excitement.  It is so exciting for us as parents, especially since Christmas is our favorite holiday.  As much as I love looking at the beautiful lights, decorating my tree with my beloved ornaments, and let’s not forget finding just the […]

Freedom From Motherhood

When you think about freedom, what comes to mind? Maybe this great country that so many of us are blessed to live in, the United States of America? Or possibly the freedom that comes through Christ, of Jesus dying on the cross to take away our sins? Freedom that comes from not having to worry […]

How Are You Spending Your Time?

Time: We all have the same 24 hours in a day to get things done, to accomplish what we want to, to live. So why is it never enough? Why does it seem like some people get so much done while others struggle? Time is of the essence…time is on your side…all things get better […]

Time: Live in the Now

Time…I really have a love-hate relationship with it. I think everyone that has a child has heard the quote “once you have a child, boy time just flies by”. Boy, isn’t that the truth! We just celebrated my daughters 4th birthday and everyone just kept saying “where did the time go?” Even through events in […]

Our Time is His

Time is so precious and valuable. Although, in the modern world we are used to instantaneous gratification and immediacy. We live in a fast-paced world! In Bible times, men and women waited several years for an answered prayer and it seemed as though God would wait until just the last minute before bringing a situation […]

Time is in the Hand of the Beholder

When I saw the topic of this week, I let out a frustrated sigh—on the inside. Time is almost a four-letter word in my house! I have recently been reading a historical fiction book that takes place during the Civil War. In the south, so much of their supply lines were cut off that the […]

Time Well Spent…

Just take a moment to consider, “How do you start your day?” I spend most days feeling like I am running around like a crazy person even though I worked hard to organize the coming day.  I am so guilty of just thinking “just one more snooze on my alarm” thinking that those few extra […]

Do You Have Time For God?

We are moms! We have calendars that fill up quickly. There are soccer games and dance recitals. You barely stay awake past dinner. Your life is busy and hectic. The last thing you have time for, is sitting down and reading The Word. Over the past few years, I have learned that the last thing […]

A Day in the Life: Take Your Time

I remember one school morning my daughter was having a bad start to her day. I remember feeling the tension rise, and I was thinking I NEED to get her into the car and to school on time!! My goal was not to help her through whatever feelings she was having at the time, but […]

The Wisdom in Our Priorities

When I look at my children, as I speak to them I desire for them to not only hear my words but to know my heart behind them.  My heart is for them to learn from me as I guide them and continue to look at me with unending trust as if I know everything that is […]

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