Then There Is Also Childlike Forgiveness

My thoughts: My own daughters’ complete unhesitating ability to forgive someone who has sinned against her is such an inspiration to me. We are called to have childlike faith and in that I believe we are to forgive like a child, too. Of course, many offenses require us to be healed by God but we should […]

A Blessing In Disguise

Sometimes hindrances make a way for the greatest blessings in our life. On the surface that doesn’t make sense, right? From our limited perspective, we don’t count hindrances as blessings. Or think they could lead to blessings either. But it’s true. If not for my own experience, I wouldn’t say this with confidence. But friend, […]

When He has a better idea…

Yesterday my daughter was in the tub getting a bath before bedtime. She insisted on carrying her blanket into the bath with her. I had to pry it from her arms which, as you can guess, made her cry in protest. I tried to explain to her (she’s only 22months old) that her blanket could […]

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