Confession of a Mom: Who is not a Morning Person

6:00am. I’m going to do it this time. I have my alarm set and I am committed to getting up early to have that sacred quiet time other moms talk about. I am going to sit in the quiet and read the bible and sip my coffee, this is going to be glorious!! 11:00pm Okay, […]

I Want You to Want Me

There are days when my best laid plans to really stop and sit with the Lord are thwarted—all day long. This past week I had one day in particular that was primed and ready for some really great journal, worship, and prayer time. We had nothing on the agenda and even “getting out of my […]

Time Well Spent…

Just take a moment to consider, “How do you start your day?” I spend most days feeling like I am running around like a crazy person even though I worked hard to organize the coming day.  I am so guilty of just thinking “just one more snooze on my alarm” thinking that those few extra […]

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