Confession of a Wife: Who Sometimes Hates Her Husband

Yes I did it, I went there. Oh c’mon, you know you were thinking it! I just actually came out and typed an entire blog post about it. Marriage……Movies, you have absolutely made it awful for women giving us our false expectations of what relationships should really look like! We are all about fairy tales […]

Our Time is His

Time is so precious and valuable. Although, in the modern world we are used to instantaneous gratification and immediacy. We live in a fast-paced world! In Bible times, men and women waited several years for an answered prayer and it seemed as though God would wait until just the last minute before bringing a situation […]

Pushing Through the Pain

Recently in life,  I have been going through a bit of a trial. The strange thing about it is, that once I saw it as a refining moment, my whole perspective changed. It became less about the people and circumstances involved and more about the work God was doing in me. Can I just say […]

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