When Your Children Hear Everything

  The most paralyzing realization sometimes is looking in the rear-view mirror and seeing that little person absorbing every last word you just uttered in anger…to their daddy. It’s quite the conviction watching my daughter bat her long eye-lashes with a worrisome look on her face and deep in her eyes she’s fearful of what […]

Confession of a Mom: The Messy Life of a Mommy

  Let’s face it, the life of a mommy is messy.  Never did I imagine some of the moments I would find myself in! Ever have a mommy moment where you think to yourself, “This. Just. Happened?!?!”  I feel sure that I am not alone in experiencing these types of moments.  Well, within this past […]

Sacrificing Yourself for Him

Through some of our lives (I know mine for sure) we all make our own paths and don’t know God and his will for us, I always made my own path and it was rough, it was hard; I kicked and screamed and pried open doors that were not meant to open. I pushed and […]

Sacrifices of a “Super” Mom

I feel that no matter where you are in your mom timeline, whether you are a mom of a 19-year-old and step-mother of 2 like me or of younger children. There is a time in life where we look back and wonder, “Were my children happy? Was I happy with certain decisions or where was […]

What Have You Sacrificed?

Do you remember before you had children how you imagined your life would be once you were a mommy? The picket fence and waking up every morning bright-eyed ready to greet your little pumpkin and start your day that would go smoothly.  I don’t know about you, but how I imagined mommy-hood is not quite […]

Brotherly Love

I am the mommy of three little boys. They are precious to me. I have a five year old, a four year old, and a 17 month old. I never, in all my dreams, would have thought I would be a “boy-mom”. I also never thought it would be the coolest thing I have ever […]

Love in Disguise

I will heal their waywardness and love them freely, for my anger has turned away from them.-Hosea 14:4 (NIV) “You don’t love me!” Oh man, I have heard that a few times spewed from my kids’ mouth. I can’t quite remember the first time they correlated unfair actions with whether I loved them or not, […]

How Are You Spending Your Time?

Time: We all have the same 24 hours in a day to get things done, to accomplish what we want to, to live. So why is it never enough? Why does it seem like some people get so much done while others struggle? Time is of the essence…time is on your side…all things get better […]

Time is in the Hand of the Beholder

When I saw the topic of this week, I let out a frustrated sigh—on the inside. Time is almost a four-letter word in my house! I have recently been reading a historical fiction book that takes place during the Civil War. In the south, so much of their supply lines were cut off that the […]

Learning to Be Patient

Motherhood brings out the best and worst sides of me. I never knew I was capable of living on so little sleep, or keeping a human alive solely on my own body’s ability to produce food. Simultaneously, I never knew how impatient I could become, how easily irritated, how much like all of the things […]

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