The Facts Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Want You to Know

Many people would argue the benefits of Planned Parenthood to include services other than abortion. I would argue, however, that no amount of health care justifies what abortion really is: murder. Now before I lose you, please let me gently walk you through why I’m saying this and the proven science behind it. These are […]

How to Be Safe on Craigslist- for buyers and sellers

In light of a recent tragedy which involved, I’d like to list the best precautions to take when utilizing this sale site. First, I want to take a moment and ask for prayers for the family who has lost two amazing, godly people. A husband and wife were unsuspecting victims of a seller on […]

August 15th- National Day of Prayer for Christians in Iraq!

All over the news we have heard about the persecutions taking place in Iraq, forcing the Christians residing there to flee for their lives. The ISIS has threatened Christians with three options: leave, convert to Islam, or be executed. *I urge everyone to be wary of images they see on certain news websites. Many of […]

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