Freedom in Christ

I can be and have been bound by guilt, by sin, by everything in this world. And it’s not a lovely feeling, can you relate? That is exactly how the devil wants us to feel.  Bound. But Friends, do not forget what Christ did for you when he died on the cross for you. That […]

Mercy And Marriage

I have been married for over ten years. I’ve learned a lot about my husband in those years. I am no expert on the topic of marriage but I have grown in my faith since getting married. God has blessed me with a husband who is caring, loving, faithful, trustworthy, and VERY merciful. Being a […]

Nearly Consumed

My mornings are expected to go a certain way. They are expected to run smoothly. I never get out of bed hoping for a rough morning. I never put feet to floor hoping to run into growing opportunities before my first cup of coffee. But alas, I am susceptible to the same unexpected obstacles as […]

Undeserved Mercy

The world we live in today tends to send the message that we deserve everything. You name it, we deserve it! Everybody owes someone something and we sure are not bashful about claiming our rights. But what if we don’t really deserve the things we think we deserve? What if life wasn’t about getting what […]

His Mercies Are New

“The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end;they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:22-23 There are many times I go to bed at night, counting the failures of the day. I should have done this. I didn’t do that. Ugh I did this again. […]

Have Mercy On Me

I told you if you wouldn’t listen you would fail. I told you that if you go that direction, you would get lost! I told you that if you moved there that you wouldn’t have anyone. I told you to watch your money better. I told you to not play in the street. I told […]

Mercy and Me

Everything in life right now for me revolves around my own tendency towards bitterness. I think it’s truly a generic trait in women, something we all carry and wrestle, and far too often, give authority too. I’ve noticed that little seeds of bitterness that were planted in my youth weren’t realized until far later- and […]

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