6+ Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

To all of my crafty and non-crafty mama’s it is time to bond with your kiddo(s) and love on them with quality time.  I am not going to lie that I got a little excited thinking about doing these crafts with my toddlers.  Now I need to prepare myself that how I am imagining these […]

Where to Draw the Line: Kids and Media

Ohh to travel back in time to the days before the World Wide Web and Social Media! I was in high school when computers were making their début and I can honestly say no one could foresee the depths nor the implications technology would have in life today nor the battles we as parents would […]

Best Selling Children’s Toys on Amazon-1/29/15

[simpleazon-image align=”center” asin=”B004U52VPS” locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51yGq6kXfuL._SL160_.jpg” width=”121″] [simpleazon-link asin=”B004U52VPS” locale=”us”]Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game[/simpleazon-link] Play your favorite app game in real life with the Angry Birds: Knock on Wood Game! The age-old battle between Angry Birds and the egg-stealing pigs continues, and the birds will have their revenge. Draw cards, build castles, and knock […]

When You Feel Like a Bad Mom

We all have those days as moms where we totally lose control, forget an appointment, pass-over the much-needed shower and go to the store anyway, and even hide under the covers with the onset of another sibling tirade. Some times though the circumstances aren’t within ourselves but the choices and actions of our children causing […]

How to Deal with a Screaming Toddler

I would like to just start this post off by saying that this title describes my everyday life with a 3 year old and (almost) 2 year old.  However, this does not mean that I have all of the answers! I thought we could just start off with a little humor: Who can relate?! Oh […]

The Many Ways Moms Influence Their Daughters

I remember my littlest being my biggest imitator. She would walk around the house in her prized “clippy clops” with her purse and play phone in hand. A determined little one who had places to go and things to get done, she simply needed a car ignition big enough to fit the toy keys she […]

Freedom From Motherhood

When you think about freedom, what comes to mind? Maybe this great country that so many of us are blessed to live in, the United States of America? Or possibly the freedom that comes through Christ, of Jesus dying on the cross to take away our sins? Freedom that comes from not having to worry […]

FREE Customizable Scavenger Hunt for ALL Ages!

This awesome scavenger hunt is for Kids of ALL ages and it can be customized completely! It has clipart images you can search for and select It has an area to insert any text to describe the image It looks like a pirate scroll, making it attractive even for bigger kids You can print the […]

Back-to-School Lunches MADE CUTE!

It seems that every venture I make onto Pinterest these days, I come across fun-looking lunchables for kids. What makes them so fun-looking? The shapes! The sandwiches are cut into cute animal shapes and the fruit is shaped– even the cheese! So I thought, where can you buy these little cutters? I found THREE sets […]

Brotherly Love

I am the mommy of three little boys. They are precious to me. I have a five year old, a four year old, and a 17 month old. I never, in all my dreams, would have thought I would be a “boy-mom”. I also never thought it would be the coolest thing I have ever […]

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