NEW FUNDRAISER: OpenDoors USA, Helping Persecuted Christians Around the World

OpenDoors USA, Helping Persecuted Christians Around the World We absolutely love what OpenDoors USA is doing to help persecuted Christians all over the world. They support these people, families, and even communities giving them not only aid but HOPE. It seems that all we see on the news now is about Christians being persecuted and […]

“I’m the Lord’s Servant”

To me, there is nothing more enjoyable at Christmas than reveling over the birth of Jesus, our Savior and King! It seems every year, something more profound reveals what was unnoticed to me before. It was a few years ago that Mary made center stage. It wasn’t so much as her being chosen or what […]

In the Spirit of Christmas…

riMy children are getting to the age where they are noticing all of the Christmas excitement.  It is so exciting for us as parents, especially since Christmas is our favorite holiday.  As much as I love looking at the beautiful lights, decorating my tree with my beloved ornaments, and let’s not forget finding just the […]

When the World Goes Mad, Give Me Jesus

I am pretty much reminded on a daily basis of what a fallen world we live in. It is darkness fueled by darkness. When episodes happen just a few days short of Thanksgiving, my heart fills with gratitude towards the only hope and light, Jesus. Through him I know I am just a moment in […]

Women Don’t Like to Talk About This…Today, We Are.

As you’ve noticed by the title, this is a topic most women just don’t talk about. Today, we’re talking about rape. So many women have suppressed their memories of the horrific event…in some cases, the multiple events. Women have chosen to suppress the memory, never speak of it, and act as if it never happened […]

A Blessing In Disguise

Sometimes hindrances make a way for the greatest blessings in our life. On the surface that doesn’t make sense, right? From our limited perspective, we don’t count hindrances as blessings. Or think they could lead to blessings either. But it’s true. If not for my own experience, I wouldn’t say this with confidence. But friend, […]

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

I love smooth seas in life. Love them. The breeze is calm and scent-sweet, the sun is brilliant and merrily smiling over us, my life like a little vessel bobbing easily in the water. But that’s not life 24-7. Most of life is a dance in between the storm and the reprieve. Both are useful, […]

Weakness in Strength

  We see an increase at the box office lately as people line up in droves to see their favorite superhero overcome evil. Personally, Spider-Man, the Avengers and the Incredible Hulk are my favorites. I do wonder though, is there a more underlying heart issue as why we line up to see these movies? Are […]

Confession of a Mom: Who Moved the Proverbs 31 Off Her Pedestal

  I was scrolling on Facebook the other day and I stumbled upon yet another business touting the “31” that most women recognize as the reference to Proverbs 31 and the idyllic woman that is beautifully painted there with words that serve as markers for how to be a godly women, wife, mother, etc. Don’t […]

Prayer for the World

Dear Heavenly Father, today I want to lift up the WORLD in prayer. You know the hearts of every soul on earth, You know every creature which inhabits this planet. You know the agony, strife, struggles and challenges to which every one of us face. I pray, Father, that You embrace those that cry for […]

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