May Angels Lead You In

  I am sitting here, my heart aching for a sweet friend. Scratch that, she isn’t just a friend, best friend…she is more like a sister to me. We can go days to weeks without talking to each other, but we can pick up right where we left off. When something happens in our lives, […]

Grief: Swallowed Whole

Grief is a hard subject to write about as it is a very tender subject full of emotions. For some living in the midst of grief, their desire is not a 12-step program eliminating their emotion, but allowing them rawness in their emotion. Others are open to encouragement, direction and leading, while still others prefer […]

Sacrificing Yourself for Him

Through some of our lives (I know mine for sure) we all make our own paths and don’t know God and his will for us, I always made my own path and it was rough, it was hard; I kicked and screamed and pried open doors that were not meant to open. I pushed and […]

Confession of a Mom: Who Wrestles With Depression

  I have struggled with depression my whole life. This is my story about how I came out of the pit and into the light of Jesus. Be warned that I am going to be real and honest. I know “depression” is the buzz word lately since the passing of Robin Williams. I think this […]

Have Faith & Trust God With Your Needs

Needs…we all have them. You might not know they’re there, behind the closed doors of your neighbors house, or hidden deep in the eyes of someone you pass on the street. Maybe you’re in need of money, of love, or just someone to talk to. As Christians we’re supposed to be the hands and feet […]

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