What Do You Do All Day? (A Letter From A SAHM)

Yes, I get that question often. Being a stay-at-home-mom is not the cool thing to do in this culture. Society says that a woman must have children and immediately put them in daycare and go back to work. Well, I am here to say that without SAHM’s this world wouldn’t be the same. I have […]

Confession of a Mom Who Hates to Cook

I did it again! When I say again, it means it’s a normal occurrence in our home. It was a rushed evening so grabbing a box of Hamburger Helper, a pound of FROZEN (not thawed) meat, I began preparing a meal for my family. I dropped the frozen hamburger in the pan, turned the heat […]

Best Methods to a Clean Home, Fast

Just imagine you get an unexpected visitor or only a moments notice that a friend is popping by… Where does your mind go? Mine, goes to “Oh my goodness, I don’t want this person to see my house like this”.  Let me just say, it is amazing how fast you can pick up and tidy […]

How to Love Chores!

So I am sitting this evening after a very long day of errands. But I am sitting in a clean home awaiting tomorrow and celebrating my littlest turning another year older! With this party, came a lot of work, preparing my home, shopping etc. And this has been a rough week for me. A week […]

Confessions of a Mom: Who Hates to Clean

As I lay me down to sleep I know my clothes are in a heap I told myself I would get to that But my best intentions again fell flat The dirty dishes reappear each day The counters are in constant disarray I send up a prayer for new resolve Hoping my mindset will evolve […]

5 Steps to a Clean Kitchen

Some of my most fond memories growing up happened in the kitchen.  So it makes sense that in my house there is a lot of life that happens in the kitchen and around the kitchen table.  Most of our major discussions and general day-to-day happenings are in the kitchen/breakfast area.  Not just with my family, […]

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