Confessions of a Mom: Who Hates to Clean

As I lay me down to sleep I know my clothes are in a heap I told myself I would get to that But my best intentions again fell flat The dirty dishes reappear each day The counters are in constant disarray I send up a prayer for new resolve Hoping my mindset will evolve […]

Cookie Swap!!!

So, right before Christmas , My mom and sister and I get together to back cookies. We like trying different recipes and of course some of our favorite Classics. What are some recipes you would like to share? Please comment and let me know your favorites!!! I may have to choose a few for our […]

DIY: Stuffed Doll from Printer!

The Holiday season can be stressful. These past couple years I decided to take away the stress and add more love by making homemade gifts. To me, it is more meaningful, and as I am one to teach of being more thankful during the holiday season, this idea has turned out to be amazing! This […]

FREE Customizable Scavenger Hunt for ALL Ages!

This awesome scavenger hunt is for Kids of ALL ages and it can be customized completely! It has clipart images you can search for and select It has an area to insert any text to describe the image It looks like a pirate scroll, making it attractive even for bigger kids You can print the […]

Back-to-School Lunches MADE CUTE!

It seems that every venture I make onto Pinterest these days, I come across fun-looking lunchables for kids. What makes them so fun-looking? The shapes! The sandwiches are cut into cute animal shapes and the fruit is shaped– even the cheese! So I thought, where can you buy these little cutters? I found THREE sets […]

Last Minute 4th of July Ideas!

It’s July 4th!! Happy Independence Day, Americans. It is such a blessing to be able to celebrate with our friends and loved ones. With all political conflicts aside, one thing we can all agree is that God has truly blessed this nation over and over again! In this post I would like to share some […]

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