My Christmas Story

Christmas. A celebration of the birth of our Lord. It’s supposed to be a happy time…a time we’re surrounded by our friends and family. But sadly, that’s not always true for some of us. For some, Christmas contains memories that are so painful, we’d rather just skip it altogether. As I watch the hustle and […]

In the Spirit of Christmas…

riMy children are getting to the age where they are noticing all of the Christmas excitement.  It is so exciting for us as parents, especially since Christmas is our favorite holiday.  As much as I love looking at the beautiful lights, decorating my tree with my beloved ornaments, and let’s not forget finding just the […]

Faith Family

My husband and I have been through some financial struggles a bunch of times since getting married. I’d always assume that if we just went to college and got awesome jobs, we would be set for life. But that is not the plan God had for us. We both are doing what we LOVE. I could […]

Finding The Right Church

  In our search for a new church, God has revealed many things to me. -THE PERFECT CHURCH. It’s foolish for me to expect to find a perfect church because we are all sinners, even within the walls of a church building. -DON’T SETTLE. With that said, in searching for the right church, you should […]

Cute box frame DIY

To be clear, I did not make the frame. What I did do was add some embellishments and an adorable picture inside! You can do this for any occasion: Baby “first”, family “first”, holiday or vacation. What You’ll Need: photo frame (photo box preferred) sea shells or item collected chalk marker hot glue gun picture […]

Last Minute 4th of July Ideas!

It’s July 4th!! Happy Independence Day, Americans. It is such a blessing to be able to celebrate with our friends and loved ones. With all political conflicts aside, one thing we can all agree is that God has truly blessed this nation over and over again! In this post I would like to share some […]

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