What Does the Bible Say About Judging?

I recently read an article about the topic of judgment. It seems as though many people misunderstand what the Bible teaches on this topic. Matthew 7:1 explicitly denounces judgment, as do many other verses throughout the Bible. Suffice to say that these two verses, as examples, give us plenty of reason to constitute judgment-free parameters […]

A Loyal Friend

“Many will say they are a loyal friends, but who can find one who is truly reliable?” Proverbs 20:6 I have a friend whom I have known for 20 years. We met in fifth grade and have trudged through our teens and twenties together with both grace and calamity. I am not sure how I […]

Time Well Spent…

Just take a moment to consider, “How do you start your day?” I spend most days feeling like I am running around like a crazy person even though I worked hard to organize the coming day.  I am so guilty of just thinking “just one more snooze on my alarm” thinking that those few extra […]

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