6+ Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

To all of my crafty and non-crafty mama’s it is time to bond with your kiddo(s) and love on them with quality time.  I am not going to lie that I got a little excited thinking about doing these crafts with my toddlers.  Now I need to prepare myself that how I am imagining these […]

DIY: Sew a Cowl Scarf in 10 Minutes

The final days of October last year, my husband, myself and our three kiddos, S, M and B were driving home from our vacation in sunny Florida.  We were refreshed, renewed and ready to get back to regular life.  Life was good! Then we got to Kentucky, stopped for a few hours to sleep and […]

Kids Chalk Table

I had an extra end table to get rid of as I refinished lots of other furniture in my house and moved things around. At first I thought about selling it for a few bucks because there was no where I needed another end table. That is, until I came up with a way to […]

Cute box frame DIY

To be clear, I did not make the frame. What I did do was add some embellishments and an adorable picture inside! You can do this for any occasion: Baby “first”, family “first”, holiday or vacation. What You’ll Need: photo frame (photo box preferred) sea shells or item collected chalk marker hot glue gun picture […]

DIY “Bored” Sign

What You’ll Need: Picture frame- mine is 8×10 Printer- or you could have the image printed at a store Scissors Directions: You can download the image I created here: …or you can make your own. This Bored sign has been seen all over the internet, especially on Pinterest. Note: I was not able to find […]

“Free the Spaghetti” Fourth of July Game

“Free the Spaghetti” Fourth of July Game This fun game, a twin to Pickup Sticks, will have kids focused on how to free spaghetti noodles (uncooked) from their messes, just like those who fought in the Revolution freed us from British messes…and just like God frees us from our spiritual messes! Materials: • several boxes […]

Mini- Craft Corner for Small Spaces

I’m so excited about my new little craft space! We live in a small apartment and space is limited. I try to maximize every square inch. We originally had an 1,178 square foot house. It doesn’t sound like much but for three people, we really didn’t need that much room. While living there, we began […]

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