How to Be Still for God Amid a Noisy Life

Not long ago, I was in my van with a 15-year old friend of the family and my kids. She and I were chatting a bit, the radio was on, and each of my children were singing―not along with the radio. The three of them were each singing their own song. I look over to […]

Slipping Away

  When life feels busy, what is your reaction? Too often we equate busyness with success and stagnancy with laziness. The Enemy knows all too well how the culture of America is, as he has been putting this in to place decade by decade. Stores used to be closed on Sundays. Now only the weird […]

He is the Giver of Peace

Have you ever met a person who seems completely content with their circumstances? A person who is going through more than you could ever imagine; yet their joy never falters. I have met a few people like this and they are rare. They have Jesus shining from them. They are the living image of his […]

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