How to Love Chores!

So I am sitting this evening after a very long day of errands. But I am sitting in a clean home awaiting tomorrow and celebrating my littlest turning another year older! With this party, came a lot of work, preparing my home, shopping etc. And this has been a rough week for me. A week […]

Confessions of a Mom: Who Hates to Clean

As I lay me down to sleep I know my clothes are in a heap I told myself I would get to that But my best intentions again fell flat The dirty dishes reappear each day The counters are in constant disarray I send up a prayer for new resolve Hoping my mindset will evolve […]

A Blessing In Disguise

Sometimes hindrances make a way for the greatest blessings in our life. On the surface that doesn’t make sense, right? From our limited perspective, we don’t count hindrances as blessings. Or think they could lead to blessings either. But it’s true. If not for my own experience, I wouldn’t say this with confidence. But friend, […]

Count Your Blessings

Blessings are all around us. But, how often do we stop to thank God for them? How often do we find ourselves too busy to even recognize the blessings? There are days that go by when I don’t take the time to thank God for the things He has blessed me with. I heard a […]

Closing the Gap

Blessings. The word is overused and the items that get labeled as such are under appreciated. In America we are more blessed than anyone in the world if you call material goods blessings. The very definition of the word is God’s favor and protection. It is so easy to only see the physical things that […]

Blessing in the Pause

This morning, I sat in my favorite chair, warming blanket on my lap, a cup of coffee in hand, and listened to the howling wind as it screamed past my window. Winter weather arrived on scene yesterday bringing bitter cold and a wind demanding attention with every gust causing the house to groan and creak […]

What You Should Do When You’re In Trouble

If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve likely experienced some tough circumstances. You might even be going through them right now. If there is one certainty in life it’s this: Tough times will come. No one gets off scot-free. We all, at some point, will have our share of trouble. The real question is […]

Thank You For My Cutting Boards

  Today I watched a video of a young boy opening his birthday presents. At first, it was apparent that his first present may have been his only present. His first present was a cutting board. He opened it and read the card and thanked his mom by giving her a hug and kiss. He […]

Last Minute 4th of July Ideas!

It’s July 4th!! Happy Independence Day, Americans. It is such a blessing to be able to celebrate with our friends and loved ones. With all political conflicts aside, one thing we can all agree is that God has truly blessed this nation over and over again! In this post I would like to share some […]

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