Then There Is Also Childlike Forgiveness

Then There Is Also Childlike Forgiveness

My thoughts:

My own daughters’ complete unhesitating ability to forgive someone who has sinned against her is such an inspiration to me. We are called to have childlike faith and in that I believe we are to forgive like a child, too. Of course, many offenses require us to be healed by God but we should not hesitate to forgive each other, just as God sent Himself to die in our place; such a sacrifice and symbol of an abundance of forgiveness and love. He truly loves us and asks that in our forgiveness of others, we show love to them. The two seem to go hand in hand.

Now we can define love, because surely love doesn’t always mean we must be involved in a toxic relationship. However, to have a love like Jesus, we need to love unconditionally. Meaning, whatever happened to cause an unhealthy relationship, of course set boundaries as God leads, but continue to love them. We must love them despite their flaws, and be kind, pray for them, and hold no grudges against them (See 1 Corinthians 13).

My daughter continues to forgive me for my parenting iniquities. She never withholds a hug and kiss of simple forgiveness. She accepts my apologies and she’s learning that not only is she broken in sin, but I am too. We all look up to our parents so much as children and we depend solely on them. But then there’s creating a dependency, more so, for God. Which is displayed through your parents’ sole dependency on Him in all things. We must all lean on Him at any early age and learn to do this every day.

I wish we would never lose love like hers. When someone sins against us, we should be worried for them. We should care for them with genuine concern. Instead of feeling offended for our own feelings, feel compassion and sympathy for what the other person is going through in their heart which caused them to sin in that way. Every sin stems from a heart problem. My daughter has the keen ability to see past (or not at all) her own hurt in these circumstances and then treat the person just the same as if nothing happened. That’s what God does after our repentance: forgets (Isaiah 43:25, Hebrews 8:12).

God has revealed to me that this is a bliss to be rediscovered. I pray that I will learn from her (what wonderful lessons God teaches us through our children!), and forgive others with the same heart-filled response. I doubt she even thinks about this for a moment. It seems as we grow older we become more offended, sensitive, and bitter. With that it becomes harder for us to forgive each other.

Childlike forgiveness is about forgiving a person upon simply realizing that you’re broken and sinful too.

Which then resembles grace. It takes much humility to realize this and we often need to be reminded.

Yet again I have learned one more thing as a parent. Surely God has an invaluable lesson in all our struggles with parenting. Our flesh hates the truth and we will fight against it when we’re angry. But praise be to God who continuously impresses truths upon our hearts and through His convictions we can see again!

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