See How Mom of Son With Dwarfism Defeats Mundane Days

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“Honey, let me get the door.”

As I open the door of the church, sunlight floods the atrium. My husband glides Samuel’s stroller past me to the open double doors at the entrance of the sanctuary. In the last row, the pew offers just enough space for Samuel’s bouncer. Looking into the back, I’m delighted to find the pew empty as if waiting for our arrival.

On this Sunday morning our church is holding their spring conference featuring Dr. Dan Hayden, Director of Biblical Research and Education from Orlando, Florida.

He has been a guest speaker at Hope Bible Church many times. In past years, I’ve always learned something new and many times profound. Settling Samuel into his bouncer, the music begins as our little guy uses his body to move up and down…not quite to the rhythm but enough. As Dr. Hayden begins to teach, I can hear the bouncer squeaking it’s own song.

About 20 minutes in, I hear our speaker state, “God is in the mundane.” My pen frantically scribbles this down. Though this statement is not the main topic of his teaching, it speaks to my heart.

As a special needs stay-at-home mom, I daily encounter… [Read the rest here]

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