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moms night out ideas

 I don’t know about you, but time away makes me a better person, ready to take on anything God hands me. time away is vital for a mom, to refresh and regenerate in the mom she is called to be.

For the longest time, I had trouble taking time for me without feeling guilty. I felt as though I was letting my family down. How selfish of me needing time. But my husband reminded me, it’s healthy. It renews you, gives you a breath of fresh air, in the end making me a better mom for my kids. Not feeling bogged down 24/7.

Here are my favorite Mom’s night! (or day!)


My little one is now in Pre-k three days a week. So time out on the weekends some months are becoming far and few because I get alone time when he is at school. Most days you can catch me working and catching up on editing (I am a photographer) but sometimes I like to get away. 

 About once a month, I take a “me day” after dropping off the kids. I go to my favorite book store; it’s so nice to browse around not having to hear “mom, when are we going to play in the kids center!” In the bookstore, they sell my favorite coffee, so I will sit, have a cup of coffee and relax with a book or magazine. I take myself to lunch and start to head home for pickup time! 

Weekend nights out!

These I normally don’t do alone, I will normally call some friends and hook up at a local coffee shop. It’s so nice to sit and to be able to talk and relate with each other! We talk about motherhood and relationships. Sometimes it just feels better knowing you are not alone!

Movies. I don’t do this often, as budget normally doesn’t allow. I have a hard time with the price of movie tickets. It has to be a movie I want so badly to see. I also don’t pick movies often because you can’t really talk, and I long for communication with my friends!

Dinner! What is better than picking your favorite place to eat and call a friend and meet up?! Order something different off the menu or be bold and order just appetizers and have a blast! 

Don’t forget date night with your husband too. Because more important than alone time is rekindling your relationship with your husband. Being parents is hard work! Even not being parents, relationship is hard work, to be worked on daily!

I hope you find the above ideas encouraging and use them for your next time out!


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