When My Marriage Was Failing

piano-571968_1280I was looking up Scriptures to have something validate the fact that I wanted divorce. While there may have been good enough reason to do it, my heart still held on. The Holy Spirit yelled louder than my flesh, “Hold on! Hold On! Don’t let go!”

I couldn’t vision my future allowing him to do this to me and I couldn’t vision my future without him. I felt more torn than I had ever felt in my life, but I held on and prayed more than I ever prayed before. “Lord, if you want me to love him and stay with him, you have to give me the love for him, because I don’t have it in me anymore.”

If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer. Matthew 21:22

I talked to my husband immediately following that prayer. I told him I was willing to work on us. It was going to take time and changes but I couldn’t let us go. It’s been five years since that time and here we stand, together, hand in hand.

Marriage is hard and I am not saying we have been perfect since then. We have sought much counseling but the urge to “give up when things are rough” has evaporated. The Lord is in the center of our marriage and we make surely it. We also make sure to take time for “us” and work together if things seem wrong.

Are you having trouble in your marriage? Have you sought the wisdom of the Lord? Prayed? I urge you to seek counseling, communicate with your husband your feelings, get help and talk things out. This helps making your marriage stronger! Hold on to Hope! The only hope that can come from Jesus! I will be happy to share more of my story with you, to help you through. Be blessed and pray without ceasing. He answers your prayers according to His plan for you!

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