Family Devotional Time

daisies-676368_1280I would like to tell you I am a master at this but I am not! However, I want to share some ideas with you and ways that may work if you want to achieve family devotion time.

1. Dinner time – We are ones that like to watch a “show” during dinner. We pull-up our DVR, relax and eat after a long day. I am not saying this is bad, but I would like to cut down our average time spent doing this and incorporate devotion time while eating dinner and discussing our day. Good conversation starters could be, “Did you pray today?”,  “How did you center Jesus today in your activities?” ” Why is this important to put Jesus in the center?” and so on.

2. Christian movies – We have our favorites and we like to watch them over and over and discuss the situations and what Jesus did throughout the movie.

3. Family devotion books – They have daily scriptures and talking points. Ask your pastor if he has a good idea of one and after or before dinner, sit together and read!

4. Verse memorizing – Pick a verse a week to memorize. Discuss daily how the verse impacted your life.

The list could go on and on for family devotion time. Invite the young ones! They are never too young to start talking and learning about Jesus, sing songs together and listen to praise music. It’s so important putting Jesus in the center of our lives, why shouldn’t we learn about Him together!?

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