4 Foods You Thought Were Bad For Young People


Thanks to a lot of misinformation and false evidence, it would appear many of us have been avoiding foods that are not as bad as we think. So, I thought today would be the perfect time to set the record straight and dispel a few myths. If you disagree with any of the points made in this post, you should get in touch with your family doctor or nutritionist. They will confirm the facts, and back up everything I’m going to say this morning. Neither you nor your children, should miss out because some so-called “expert” got it wrong. There is nothing unhealthy about eating the following foods in moderation.

Eggs –

Many people avoid eggs because they have heard they can cause high cholesterol and heart disease. New research has shown that you can eat one egg every single day without any negative effects.

Avocados –

Most folks think they should avoid avocados because of their high fat content. However, experts now say the type of fat in avocados can help to lower cholesterol. So, it’s not so bad after all. .

Nuts –

Again, people have been conditioned to worry about the fat content in nuts. While you don’t want to consume them every day, they also contain protein, fiber, vitamins and many more good elements.

Candy –

It was discovered only a few years ago that people who eat candy while they are young have a smaller chances of becoming obese in later life. You don’t want to let your kids eat it every day, but getting their bodies used to it could have certain advantages. The candy industry in America is one of the oldest around today. Don’t let it become damaged thanks to scare tactics are untruthful information.

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