What Do You Do All Day? (A Letter From A SAHM)


Yes, I get that question often. Being a stay-at-home-mom is not the cool thing to do in this culture. Society says that a woman must have children and immediately put them in daycare and go back to work. Well, I am here to say that without SAHM’s this world wouldn’t be the same.

I have seen the meme going around Facebook that says “Yes, I’m a stay-at-home-mom. Go ahead and ask me what I do all day. I dare you.” It made me laugh the first time I saw it but honestly, it gets old. So, here is my letter to those skeptics, those naysayers, those husbands who feel the need to ask their wives this question every day.

Dear Skeptics of SAHM’s,

Thank you for asking me what I do all day. Thank you for taking an interest in my life. First of all, I would like to tell you why I became a SAHM. After getting pregnant with my first child (a son) I was still working. My husband and I looked into the financial commitment of having a baby and taking him to daycare. The results were horrible! I would be bringing home less than $300 a month…just to be away from my baby. I couldn’t fathom it.

We didn’t know how we would make ends meet on one income. We prayed about it and God made it clear that being a SAHM was His plan for me. We trusted God to provide for our financial needs. He has gone above and beyond anything we could have ever imagined. When you put your trust in the Lord in this area of your life, He is faithful to provide.

Secondly, I would like to ask a question to those who are not SAHM’s. How do you get it all done? How do you work outside of the home full-time and keep up with the demands of a family? I think about those mothers and wives who do work full-time outside of the home and pray for them. Especially, single mothers. Some families do not have the ability to have the wife/mother stay at home. It exhausts me to think about how they get it all done.

Now, on to the question of what I do all day:

I get up early in the morning with my three sons. They like to rise with the sun, so that means I have to get up too. I make them breakfast which sometimes they refuse so I have to make another breakfast. These boys eat me out of house and home.

While they eat their breakfast, I try to drink my coffee without spilling it all over the place while my two-year old bumps my elbow every five seconds asking for more food. Finally, around 9am I am able to get and eat my own breakfast in which I usually feed half of it to my three children. You know how it is, mommy can’t have something of her own.

I clean up the kitchen around 9:30am and that takes about 30 minutes. During that time, the big boys (who are 6 and 4) play Legos in their room and the baby “helps” me with the dishes. By “help” I mean he splashes in the water and puts dishes where they don’t belong. But, being the nice mommy that I am, I go along with it.

While the dishes are going in the dishwasher, I also throw in a load of laundry. I do about 6-10 loads of laundry in a week. In between all of the business of the day I switch the laundry over to the dryer and throw in another load. I also have to make time to fold and put away the laundry.

Around 10:30am we begin our home school day. Yes, I also home school all of my children. This can take anywhere from one hour to three hours (since they are still young, it isn’t a long day). We start with Bible reading time and a memory verse. Next is reading and phonics and then we move on to math. We also study art, music, literature, poetry, and go on field trips once a month. We usually have read aloud time during lunch.

Speaking of lunch, we eat around 11:30am. This gives us plenty of time to clean up afterwards so the baby can take a nap at 1pm. While he naps, the big boys can either read, color, or watch a movie. Whatever they choose to do has to be a quiet activity. I go in my bedroom and menu plan, blog, read emails, look at Facebook, etc. This is my time to do computer work. I blog for a few other companies/organizations so some weeks are busier than others in this department but I try not to spend too much time on the computer.

After naps the boys all have free time. This is also the time I tell them to clean up because my husband will be coming home soon. They have gotten very good at “the clean-up game”. I work on dinner while they are cleaning and playing. By the time my husband gets home dinner is done.

After dinner, I clean up the kitchen entirely. I can’t stand to wake up to a messy kitchen. It makes for a messy day in my opinion. When the kitchen is cleaned up (with the help of one boy or another) it is time for baths. We put our children to bed around 7:30pm. Whew!

It’s been a long day but it’s not over. My husband and I talk about the week and different issues after the kids are in bed. Sometimes, I use this time to prepare for the next day. Maybe do some home school planning, to-do lists for the next day, or more blogging.

As far as chores go, I have a schedule I follow. Each day of the week is a different chore/room. For instance, Mondays are bathroom days. I scrub them from top to bottom (I have three bathrooms). Tuesdays are bedroom days. We clean all of the bedrooms. Each day is different. Saturdays are reserved for outdoor activities such a lawn care, car maintenance and I go grocery shopping for the week. Sundays are a day of rest. I do not do chores on this day at all. We may spend it doing something as a family after church or just hanging around the house watching movies and reading.

Now, sprinkle into each day the hugs, kisses, boo-boo fixing, refereeing, random errand running, and silliness that comes with having three boys. That is a busy day. My life is crazy busy sometimes but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I chose this life and love every minute of it. There are days that I don’t get out of my yoga pants but I am okay with it and so is my husband.

Taking care of my family is my number two priority after serving God. I get to introduce my children to Jesus and read the Bible to them every single day. We get to snuggle under quilts on chilly, wintry days and go to the park on warm, sunny days.

Thank you for listening to my day-to-day life as a SAHM. It is wonderful and busy and the best job ever.



A SAHM who is tired of being asked what I do all day!



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