How to Determine God’s Yes for your Life

apple-blossom-285979__180My children are growing up. Despite my desire to slow time down at different stages, I am among the parents who have failed to do so. I think I am even witnessing a speeding up of the precious commodity of time! I am preparing to send my second child to Kindergarten in the fall and my baby will start preschool. Life is shifting. I am about as prepared as I can be, but this is just a pit stop. Soon enough they will all be school-aged. As I look ahead, I desire to work and still be as present as possible. Now this looks different for every mom and I absolutely don’t want you to hear judgment in this post.

To make myself clear: I believe all mothers are called to mother. But mothering can be defined in a myriad of different ways. The goal is to seek God and get the right fit and balance for you and your family.

I have stayed home and been the majority caretaker for our children. I have picked up a few part-time gigs over the last seven years, but most of the time, those were for me and not so much a financial decision. I needed time out of the house and the extra money was nice.

Now that the reality of my children being in school is only 2 ½ years away, I am looking to my next season. I know I want to still be there for my children when they are home, but I will have a lot of time on my hands that is not with them. Decisions need to be made and emotions are part of them. This is not a choice to be made solely on facts. Of course a full-time job would bring in income and give me something to aspire to that was just my own. A career is something I thought I would have for a while before kids, but God had other plans and we had children quite early in our marriage. I was only 23 when I had our first and my career was barely beginning. In the seven years of motherhood, my interests have changed, and I have gone through a lot of spiritual healing that has allowed me to dream again.  This is key. The dreaming we do so often brings the hidden desires of our heart to the surface.

When I took time to heal, breathe, and dream again; the path for my life changed. Also, I am able to better determine God’s yes for my life. I am more connected and am able to see His path for me. One of the best ways to get better connected is to get in His Word. If you don’t enjoy just reading through, get online and look for reading plans. You can also purchase a devotional that will walk you through a concept of the Christian life and pull out scriptures designed to help navigate that concept. One of the best ways to make the word come alive is to get involved in a local group. A small group or local bible study can bring others’ perspective and really encourage you in your walk.

One more tip I have for helping determine God’s yes for you is the book “The Best Yes” by Lysa TerKeurst. This book is a relatively easy read and gives you practical tools to make key decisions in your life. I read this book at the end of 2014 and it has helped me see the next steps in building my career for when my children are all in school. I am asking God to open doors and create connections to make my dreams a reality. He is faithful and delighted to co-create with me. He doesn’t have a strict set of expectations and goals for my life. He isn’t drawing circles around each of us and telling us that inside the circle is His perfect will for our lives, and if we step out…well, good luck!

He is asking us to include him in our steps. He wants to make life full and abundant for each of us as we live life out of who we were created to be. He gives us free will and the freedom to dream. He wants us to chase those dreams with wild abandon. He is simply asking to be invited along for the ride. He brings insight and supernatural wisdom by way of his Holy Spirit dwelling in us. Use him! He delights in being your council and confidant. Your yes will rise from the worship of your God!

 ” But anyone who needs wisdom should ask God, whose very nature is to give to everyone without a second thought, without keeping score. Wisdom will certainly be given to those who ask.”

James 1:5

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