Book Review: Rise by Trip Lee

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by Trip Lee


I am a fan of Trip Lee’s music, Christian Rap is what I would call it. Considering I loved his music so much, I really wanted to read his book. I knew it was more towards the younger generation, but working at a summer camp every summer, I knew this book would be a wonderful asset to our Bible study notes and working with the teens.

I enjoyed the way Trip is familiar with what teens struggle with today and how to overcome them. He urges teens to Rise for Jesus Now, instead of waiting, knowing the challenges adulthood brings.

He spoke in the book about he never met a Christian grateful for the years they spent rebelling against God. So why not, as my pastor says, “Live for today by having an eye for tomorrow.”

I can’t wait to share my notes and what I have learned with the teens this summer. I pray and hope, as I am sure Trip Lee did while writing this book, that it encourages them, and realize they are not “Losing out on life” by not doing the harmful things, but gaining so much instead.

Let’s reverse the YOLO and live the life God intends, not the world ‘s view. Yes, you only live once, so make it count!

Check it out for yourself!

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