DIY: Sew a Simple Pillowcase


I still remember one of my very first sewing projects being a simple square pillow.  The fabric I chose was bright red with black watermelon seeds speckled about.  While the simple straight stitches nor the ninety degree turns were in any way complex, the skills I gained in tackling that first pillow were ones I still use today.  They are the base I use for everything I sew.

I learned how to put thread on the bobbin, how to run the spool of thread down through the maze of  metal and eventually through the eye of the needle.  I learned how to thread the bobbin, how to lift the foot and back-stitch.  I learned to hide a stitch by putting the right (pretty side) of fabric together.

While most of my sewing is now more complex and takes on obscure angles, curves and seams , I still use all the basic skills learned while making that first pillow.

Today, I made a simple pillow case for my adorable nephew.  While I was making it, I thought of how nice and homey it felt to be back at my machine, sewing something with simple straight stitches and simple ninety degree angles;  it brought me back to where I started from, the basics. It felt comfortable.  It felt easy and after a busy week, easy was nice; easy was what I needed.  Sometimes in life, we just need to step back to the basics, back to easy, back to simple.

 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16 

While studying the glory that our God is complex and life changing, we sometimes just need to focus on the basic, the simple, the comfort of God.   God loves us and sent us a savior; because of this we will forever be home in Him!

Tomorrow I may sew a ball gown and ponder over the power of prayer and God’s sovereignty.  But for today, I will make a simple pillow case and delight in the comfortable fact that I am home in my God who loves me, forever!

Now, unto the simple pillow case:

This can be broken down to three steps:

1. Cut fabric

2. Cut decorative strip

3. Press pillow case opening

4. Attach decorative strip

5. Sew pillowcase

Step 1:

To decide what width to cut your fabric, squish that pillow down as much as you can (note, this pillow is a small travel one).  Make a small mark where the bottom of the pillow ends up.  Make the length about four to six inches longer than the pillow’s length.  Cut out two rectangles.


Step 2:

Cut a strip of fabric two inches wider than the stripe of fabric you plan on using.

Press the fabric (with right side down)one inch along the top and bottom of the strip.
Step 3:
Now press the short side of the fabric about half an inch (right side down).

Lay your pillow on top and squish flat and fold your fabric to where the opening should be (right side still down)


Remove the pillow and press the fabric.  Do the same for the second side, but instead of laying down your pillow just make sure it is the same length as your first piece of fabric.

Step 4:
With right side of stripe down, lay one piece of your pillowcase fabric down (right side down) so the middle of the stripe lines up with the pressed seam.
Pin this in place, flip over and sew on the top and bottom of the stripe


Repeat for the other side making sure that your stripes will line up when sewn together.

Step 5:

Putting right sides together, and making sure your stripes line up, pin.


Sew from the very edge of the opening all the way around to the other side of the opening.


I then used a pinking shears to take off the excess fabric.

Flip the pillow case the right way, insert a pillow and enjoy!

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