The Facts Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Want You to Know


Many people would argue the benefits of Planned Parenthood to include services other than abortion. I would argue, however, that no amount of health care justifies what abortion really is: murder. Now before I lose you, please let me gently walk you through why I’m saying this and the proven science behind it.

These are facts that planned Parenthood, and all abortionists for that matter, don’t want you to know. This would substantially devastate their industry if more people knew and were provided real options.

Fact #1


This is what a baby looks like in the womb at 12 weeks.

Human life begins at conception. Contrary to popular belief, this is fact. When an organism is created by the process of fertilization this means that it is now living. This new living organism that makes up the same components of how you and I began, is confirmed throughout science dictionaries and by our own government. These scientific definitions affirm through active study and observation that this is in fact TRUTH! Source
To take this a step further, I’ve looked up and cited here just ONE of the many sources where I found the definition for “life.”  Here is how we scientifically define what is considered living: “A distinctive characteristic of a living organism from dead organism or non-living thing, as specifically distinguished by the capacity to grow, metabolize, respond (to stimuli), adapt, and reproduce…” Source

In summary, science proves by its own definitions that life occurs at fertilization because at fertilization we see the characteristics of the definition above.

Writer’s Note: Don’t be fooled by the terms that abortionists use for babies. They call an unborn child a, “Fetus,” and use phrases like, “Terminate pregnancy” and “evacuation.” You see, the enemy knows that we can be tricked by words. Many people are tricked into different terms without completely registering what they mean. People are easily convinced of the “convenience” of having an abortion. What they don’t tell you is that this quick stop to the clinic involves poisoning your child to death, or removing the baby “piece by piece” from your womb. This Source explains the procedures in further detail but I’ll spare you the details in this post.

Additionally, when a “study” has been done, be sure it’s reporters are not biased to a particular agenda or seeking a one-source resolution. There are many sources out there which state the facts I mention here and I encourage everyone to do their own research as well. Be wary as you step through this delicate subject and keep your mind focused on Jesus to reveal to you the absolute truths, to also include supporting scriptural evidence.

Fact #2

Abortion is murder. We just concluded that upon fertilization a new life is created. You cannot know

Daddy's Hands-Artistic

“Cursed is anyone who accepts a bribe to kill an innocent person.” Deuteronomy 27:25 (NIV) Of the woman who have an abortion 37% claim protestant, 28% Catholic and 7% other.

you will be pregnant until this occurs- and then you already are! This means that by the time you find out your pregnant, there is already a little life inside you. There is no pre-test to take to warn you that the egg is about to meet his match!

Abortions take place when there’s a baby- life- already formed. Otherwise, there would be no point because you wouldn’t be pregnant!

I hope this is becoming clear. There’s no way to know you have fertilized until after it’s happened and life has begun. Therefore by aborting, ending your pregnancy, you are terminating- murdering- life. And in this case a human life.

Fact #3

Rapes are not an excuse, nor are health concerns. Now before I delve into this tender subtopic (a quite complex one, might I add), I want to clarify with some statistics.

Less than 1% of all abortions occur because of rape and/or incest. In fact, there are several stories that have come out recently involving a rape where the mother chose not to abort the child. In most of those cases the mother carries the child and decides to give him/her up for adoption. My argument here would be that just because one person was hurt, the rape victim and new mother, it doesn’t mean another person, the unborn baby, should be hurt too. God is the creator of life. In so many ways we won’t understand His plans, especially in the beginning. But we must trust that His ways are always the best. Source

Minority women undergo approximately 36% of all abortions.

Minority women undergo approximately 36% of all abortions.

I was hard-pressed to find actual numbers of cases where a pregnancy put the mother at risk of death, therefore she chose abortion to save herself. However what I did find was just as interesting. One source from stated that these cases were less than 1% of all abortions. A study done out of the U.K. however, puts that number to a more precise 0.004%.

These numbers are so low in fact that in my search for data I realized that many organizations were not even reporting them!

Furthermore, there is an alarming lack of information regarding the number of babies aborted for their health concerns. To me that indicates that it’s also a low number like we’ve seen above.

However, there is information about the unborn babies given the diagnosis of having Down Syndrome. Brace yourself. 90% of all unborn children given that diagnosis are aborted. No, I didn’t type that wrong. 90%. And the families that choose life? We’ve seen stories of their joy and fulfillment everywhere. You wonder if parents just don’t want to spend the extra time or if they just don’t realize that all children are blessings.

For the small percentage of mothers whose doctors presented them with that grave decision after a diagnosis, I hope you choose life. There are cases which moms miscarry, I’ve had one myself. In fact, 1 in 3 women have a miscarriage. But to deliberately take that child’s life in your hands…It’s not your place. You don’t sit at the throne of God. I’m not promising that every child will survive but I will say that you don’t want that on your hands the rest of your life. You can try to justify killing your baby “for them” but you’ll never know what could have been. You’ll never know if the doctors were really wrong. Which leads me to my next point.

Here’s a story where a diagnosis was wrong and the baby did in fact have down syndrome; where the doctors repeatedly told them she would not. This is a perfect example of the inaccuracy in fetal testing. These tests are not 100% accurate, yet we treat them as such. Many tests are not “reliable” even.

I sincerely empathize with the mothers who are faced with this grueling decision and the knowledge of a birth defect…I know what I would do in that position but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be painful still. Please give your child a chance. If they are born with issues, address them the best way you can and seek help. There are solutions and there is a strength in God that cannot be matched.

These statistics are fascinating to know when thinking about why abortions really occur. We cannot keep accepting a selfish act because of these extenuating circumstances. And even so, scripture clearly outlines what we should do. One of the Ten Commandments reads that we should not murder. Knowing that God, who is the creator of all life -inside and outside the womb- created human life from His image (Genesis 1:27), then we should not murder these creations. “Do not shed innocent blood,” proclaims God through His written Word…repeatedly.

I urge you to take God’s Word into deep consideration.

Fact # 4

There are mental and physical health risks with abortions.


“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Psalm 139:13 (NIV)

10% of women experience complications from an abortion. There are cases of abortions “gone wrong” where the baby suffers greatly at the hands of the abortionist or the chemicals the mother absorbs (by different methods), yet still survives or survives much longer than expected. In some cases, doctors administer more medicine to the mother or they kill the baby using instruments entering the womb. Either outcome is equally disturbing and traumatic for the mother AND child. A child that does not perish by a chemical method can suffer greatly inside the womb and should the mother refuse a second time, be born with permanent damage. These risks cannot be avoided whatsoever. That is the “nature” of this abominable procedure.

Also, an astounding 48% of all women who have had an abortion previously experience complications in later pregnancies. On top of that, the risks for cervical cancer rise up to 2.3 times as likely than those that have never had an abortion. There are so many side effects, but they don’t stop on the medical spectrum either. Source

Psychological problems arise post-abortion. There are various statistics ranging per hospital but the general consensus reports that roughly 50% of all patients will experience negative feelings and/or guilt in the first 90 days post-abortion. The number from that differs with regard to how many are also admitted for psychiatric treatment. If you aren’t afraid of stepping foot inside an abortion clinic, you should be now. These numbers are real, they’re large, incredibly risky, life changing, and raw. There are no smoke screens here. No doctors comforting you for your business. This is truth.

Let’s not be fooled. Planned Parenthood only does a fraction of the abortions that occur every day. They stand alongside a long line of physicians willing and eager to terminate a pregnancy. They present themselves as compassionate and understanding people who just want you to live a happy life. They don’t tell you that 50% of women who have an abortion regret it, nor do they tell you the medical complications of abortions. The procedures to abort a child are inhumane and unnatural. Before going into too much detail of their grotesque methods, if your curiosity is peeked, google “abortion images.” It will generate tons of graphic content that will really awaken your soul to the harrowing truths behind abortion. But brace yourself for heartbreak and terror.

Fact # 5

Abortion methods are not glamorous or humane. At all. I use the word “glamorous” because we’ve all seen the signs that seem to promote women’s rights and well-being. When in reality they are championing for a cause that swims in a pool of lies. Abortions do not promote a woman’s right, they enable a woman- not empower her. Giving a woman the ability to kill her own child, all for her social status, pressures, ease of life- all boiling down to a self-centered perspective. I know our society screams in our faces that same bellowing roar, “Live your life! Do what YOU want! It’s YOUR body!” The fact is, it’s not your body.

If you painted a beautiful portrait of a person, with similar features to yourself, that picture would still belong to you. It wouldn’t belong to the person you painted. The canvas is still yours. When God created us, He gave us free will, but not to take it for granted and abuse it by violating our body against Him. In reality, these feel-good messages only manipulate people to believe one way, not the right way God intended.

We’ve touched on the methods already but I did want to talk about them just a bit more. I suggested you to search for abortion images earlier, not for the fear-factor effect (although in this topic I think that we need to be afraid!), but for people to grip the truth of what abortion really means. The methods used are either by the mother absorbing chemicals into her body, however they are administered, or by instruments. Either way, it’s completely unsafe, unnatural, and selfish.

On that note though, if you’ve ever had an abortion, I pray that your heart is not hardened but that you have an awakened spirit after your experience. I pray that you ask God for forgiveness and you be set free from any guilt or pain you may still carry. May God be with you and I pray that you reach others to share your testimony.

These numbers, facts, and my explaining is to educate others on abortion in hopes that they do NOT cave to pressures around them but that they embrace another beautiful option, if they have already decided they are not fit to parent the child.

Fact #6

There are parents out there who cannot conceive a child and want a child of their own. There are parents out there that would love to add to their family by providing a home to a child in foster care. Don’t be swayed by the arguments against adoption agencies. There are some truly amazing people that work with kids and work non-stop to find them suitable homes. There is also now an option growing more popular called open adoption. This is where the birth mother can still communicate with the parents and child as they grow. I would encourage mothers to consider parenting their child, however, I know that adoption is a much better option than abortion. You’ll be giving this child a chance at life!

As I said before, every child is a gift from God, even though this gift may not feel like one at all. And even if this gift was brought as a result of a bad experience. God can bring good out of any circumstance. He can bring blessing out of any situation. The miracle that it takes for a child to even come into existence is truly remarkable. I encourage you to watch this fascinating video: Click Here to Watch. You’ll see how amazing God works, and how meticulous and perfect. You’ll realize that this child is in fact no accident.

This is not a pretty business. It’s a business that lacks all morals and anyone who plays in the devils playground will suffer. You can hear about former abortionist Abby Johnson and how she was suddenly awoken to the truths of what she had been doing for years. Click the picture of her book to read about her entire story. Source  [simpleazon-image align=”right” asin=”B00J37P61Y” locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”107″]

Let us all wake up and boycott these slaughter houses. I have a deep sadness for the children we’ve lost in this world due to abortion. I pray that moms will not have to face a life threatening decision during their pregnancy, on their life or the child. I truly cannot fathom being in that place, depsite having my mind set as it is. My heart goes out to all of you moms. I also pray that we seek His guidance in these decisions, choose to follow His Word and love one another infinitely more than we ever have. I know this article spewed a lot of numbers and scenarios but please do not overlook my deep sympathies to moms who have aborted before. I am saddened by your loss, but I know that there is forgiveness and hope. I know God can bring good from anything when we let Him. You are deeply loved and I would encourage you to embrace how God sees you, how much He deeply longs for a relationship and connection with you. Despite anything we could ever do wrong, God still loves us unconditionally. I’m so thankful for that!

It was difficult to compile all of this information on such a complex subject. It’s not easy trying to discuss every situation but it boils down to that cute phrase we used at church camp as a kid: What Would Jesus Do? It sounds a bit cheesy now but it still holds it’s power. Jesus. He would do anything for you…He gave His life for you! I think when God blesses us with life, even if for a moment, we should protect them as Christ protected us by giving us life so that we may live in Heaven for eternity.

Please share these facts with everyone you know. It could save a life!

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