How to Love Chores!


So I am sitting this evening after a very long day of errands. But I am sitting in a clean home awaiting tomorrow and celebrating my littlest turning another year older!

With this party, came a lot of work, preparing my home, shopping etc. And this has been a rough week for me. A week I have wanted to do nothing but sleep. Anxiety has run high in me. But tonight I knew I needed to say yes! Say yes to doing what needed to be done.

It may sound silly, but I felt as though I was saying, “Okay God, I will do this for you.” This task of cleaning my home. When I was done, as always I was sitting and enjoying my clean home for the few minutes it will remain that way, this joy overcame me. Joy of saying yes, joy of a clean home…unexplained joy.

Knowing that when I wake in the morning, I won’t have to wake up to the anxiousness of knowing my house is a mess. I will wake up tomorrow ready to celebrate, to spend the time with my young one, to wake up joyful.

This has been my secret to loving chores!

Knowing the joy that comes after doing even the smallest task.

Never think you are not worth anything. God loves you and loves when you say yes, even to housecleaning!

As a stay at home mom, it has been hard feeling valued and I have questioned many times whether or not I am meant to stay home. But keeping my home in order, preparing meals and taking care of my family is definitely what God has placed on my heart to do and I am thankful.

Feeling worn down or worthless???

Bring your feelings to God, he will listen! Know you are not alone and you are a valuable gem created by the most high!

Be blessed– even in chores!!

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