Book Review: Messy Beautiful Love by Darlene Schacht

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This title got me right away, because this is what marriages all have….messy beautiful love. My husband and I have overcome a lot of obstacles in our life, but there is also room for improvement.

I follow Darlene on Facebook, she has a blog called Time-Warp Wife that is simply amazing!

This book is 211 pages of wonderful advice for marriages.

Chapters include, Messy Beautiful love, Walk in Companion in Grace, Be Patient and Kind When the Going Gets Tough, Give Up Your Right To Be Right , Appreciate Him For Who He Truly Is, Step Back and Allow Him to Lead, Handle Your Conflict Wisely, Communicate With Loving Respect, Be the Woman Your Husband Needs You To Be, be Affectionate in Ways That Are Pleasing to God, Seize the Day and Capture the Joy (in my opinion , in all aspects of life, not just marriage,) Build a Strong Friendship, Be Content With the Life That You Are Given, Walk in Virtue According to Wisdom, and PRAY For Your Marriage.

Just reading the chapter titles alone I knew this was a book I needed to read and on my shelf and return to time and time again because we don’t live fairy tales in our marriage, we are human. We live life!

You can find a copy of this wonderful book [simpleazon-link asin=”B00I5QX60W” locale=”us”]HERE![/simpleazon-link]



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  • Beverly Terry

    Hi! I follow Time Warp Wife on Facebook and through email too. I love all the wonderful tips I find there. My advice: never EVER stop working on your marriage!

    • Rachel


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