5 Steps to a Clean Kitchen

cleankitchenSome of my most fond memories growing up happened in the kitchen.  So it makes sense that in my house there is a lot of life that happens in the kitchen and around the kitchen table.  Most of our major discussions and general day-to-day happenings are in the kitchen/breakfast area.  Not just with my family, but friends as well.  I want my guests to not only view my house as inviting, but to feel comfortable in pulling a chair up to the table, having a cup of coffee (if that is your thing – it is definitely mine!), and doing life together.  Small talk is fine, but not be afraid to be REAL and open up about the ups and downs that make us unique and similar all at the same time.

For me, the rest of my house could be picked up, but if my kitchen is a mess you might as well call the rest of the house a disaster! That is why when I am overwhelmed with my house tasks I start with the kitchen and work my way out into the rest of the house.  I have always enjoyed organizing and before 3 babies I was actually organized.  I spent a lot of time feeling overwhelmed last year by my kitchen and decided a while back that enough is enough.  I have been working hard and have created some habits for keeping a clean kitchen without the task becoming overwhelming.  Before we move on, I don’t want you to shut down on me and just assume my kitchen is spotless and perfect all the time.  Because it is not! I have a station on my counter for kids entertainment that is getting better, but I am not thrilled with it yet.  Also, what is it about an island that screams “please put all your stuff you don’t know what to do with here!!”.  Surely it cannot just be me?!

1) Think about what is important to you on your counters – What are the items you use everyday and what do you simply leave out because you just do not feel like putting it up or it does not happen to have a space quite yet.

2) Create work stations – How do you flow in the kitchen? Do you have separate stations or just do everything at the same place? Creating stations in your kitchen, no matter how small or how big will help you stay organized by knowing where things should be placed when you are cleaning up.

3) Keep your sink empty – Just imagine how much more airy your kitchen feels with an empty sink.  Some of us dread loading the dishwasher.  Others of us (me) dreaaaaaddd – okay, maybe a touch dramatic – dread unloading the dishwasher.  But, if we put our big girl panties on, put on some music, and just do it we could take care of those dirty dishes as we use them.

4) Sweep the floor – A clean floor does wonders for making a space feel clean.

5) Wipe things down – Same goes for wiping down those counter tops, stove, kitchen table and chairs.  I once upon a time never thought to wipe down my table chairs and once I did, lets just say it was eye opening! Keep that music on and it does not take long to do a quick wipe down.

I hope that these tips help you create a kitchen you love to spend time in and most importantly, enjoy the people that mean the most to you.  If you have other ideas for keeping a clean kitchen, I would love to hear them!

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