When It’s Not the Most Wonderful Time of Year


Did you know statistically, the holiday season is the highest ranked for depression and suicide? “How can that be? It’s such a joyful season.” Because, dear friends, some people don’t know the true joy of the season. The Grinch is right, it doesn’t come from packages, boxes or bags.

Christmas does mean more! Very much more! It means the love of Christ whom gave himself for you!

I truly feel in my heart that now is the time the enemy will be working his hardest! To make us forget the true joy, the joy that cannot be taken from us! Unless we LET it!

It’s very easy to join in the stress of the season. Shopping was getting on my nerves yesterday as I am trying to save money for my savings account. I became frustrated working numbers and lost in the true meaning of the season. That’s where the enemy laughs…..“Ha, I got you!”

But you can turn right back around and remember the true Gift! Jesus Christ!

What can we do to not become involved in the stresses? To remain joyful?

  • Get in the Word! There are so many Advent studies right now, I do one with my children as well as on my own. Go to your favorite internet search engine or ask your pastor!
  • Get in fellowship! Call your friends. Call your pastor. Visit, love and be in fellowship with one another. With everyone being so busy it’s easy to get caught up in loneliness, again stealing your joy!

Some more things my family and I do throughout the season:

Bake cookies, watch our favorite Christmas movies, random acts of kindness, Christmas crafts, local Christmas festivities…

I pray this year you don’t let anyone steal the joy God has placed in you! Flourish and be a light for others. That is what the season is: Spreading the Love of Christ!

Be blessed!

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