When the World Goes Mad, Give Me Jesus


I am pretty much reminded on a daily basis of what a fallen world we live in. It is darkness fueled by darkness. When episodes happen just a few days short of Thanksgiving, my heart fills with gratitude towards the only hope and light, Jesus.

Through him I know I am just a moment in this world. That pure perfection, joy, everything good you could imagine is coming. Satan has already been defeated. I just have to wait for Christ to come, to bring his glorious kingdom, and shine this light in the meantime.

My heart overflows with joy to know I am adopted into his wonderful kingdom. In a world gone mad, I am thankful. Thankful that I am not of this world. That my name is written in the book of lambs and I am loved by the one true king. The List of thankfulness goes on.


Do I worry about how my kids will grow up in this world? Do I worry about what it will be like for them?

Sometimes, worry gets to me, but then I remember, God is on the throne always!
There is no time to worry, there is enough time to let Jesus shine through you. That is their only hope, if they see how much I cling to Jesus, how thankful I am for him, and how I love him. If I raise my kids to Love and cling to Jesus, then no I am not worried about their future, because Jesus is all they need in a fallen world. Sometimes, Jesus will be all they have.

My prayer today is that my light shines Jesus into this dark world more then ever, so people can cling to a hope. A hope this world cannot give. A hope that only comes from Jesus.

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