Faith Family

get-attachment (23)My husband and I have been through some financial struggles a bunch of times since getting married. I’d always assume that if we just went to college and got awesome jobs, we would be set for life. But that is not the plan God had for us.

We both are doing what we LOVE. I could not thank God more for the path he has placed before us.

Since becoming members of our church and having amazing fellowship with our friends from church, we have really learned what the church is supposed to do and supposed to be to each other. When one family is struggling, the whole church can feel and enter in and understand their struggle.

And we have had our share of struggles, but not once when we asked for help, did the members bat an eye, say can we think about it….The church did what we are called to do!

You can see a glimpse of this in 1 Timothy 5:1-16.

When we are a family, as members of a church should be, we are all one body. We are called to take care of each other and those in need.

I have seen help with the elderly who cannot make it to church without a ride, all the way down to clean up after lunch. And it does not stop in our little church…We are the body!!  Other churches included!

I have been to a mom’s group at another church and my child attends school at another church…I am connected with four different churches in the community. Because it’s not about where you go. It’s about the Body of Christ and being who we are called to be…It is ultimately about serving JESUS!

Becoming involved has been a blessing in my life. How can you become involved and expand your faith family? During this time is all the fall festivals. We love attending the different church functions and making friends!!!  I urge you to do the same!!!

Be Blessed!

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