Reaching Out

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I have often thought of myself as a (physically) strong person. I have always been relatively active and I excel in areas of endurance. I have competitively run five half-marathons. When someone finds out that I have run these races, they are impressed. The completion of such a task seems daunting to most who have never done them. It also carries an assumption that I am strong. This would only be partially true.

I am actually quite weak when it comes to upper-body strength. I am good to complete 6 traditional push-ups, and maybe one full pull-up―at best! I know that I can run as many miles as I want, but if I don’t work my arms out, my upper-body strength will never improve. I can strive and work up a great sweat every time I work out, but if I don’t spend some time, reaching out and pulling myself up on that pull-up bar, my strength will never really increase. That bar is my support and my key to building strength.

When we are faced with difficult times, society will tell you that you are strong if you can endure and handle it all on your own. God’s heart is that we would flip that thought process on its head. God never wanted us to do this on our own. Jesus himself modeled a life that was strongly connected to his 12 closest friends, even more strongly connected to three of them in particular, and stronger still was his connection with the Father. But what made him strong? His choice to reach out. None of those connections can serve as a source of strength and support if he had chosen not to reach out to them. When his time had come to be betrayed, Jesus shared his struggle with his group of close friends. As the time drew nearer, he separated himself from the group and confided in his smaller group of core friends.

Finally, as the weight of the world’s sin was upon him, he depended on God to sustain him. He never once declared that he was capable of doing it on his own.

He never once gave himself the praise for conquering death and the grave. He knew that it was the support of God, Holy Spirit, and his undying love for his people that gave him the strength to endure.

We can become strong by reaching out and using the support that God has placed in our lives. We can call on the people we know will stand by our side and encourage us with physical support and spiritual guidance.

The act of reaching out, kills the weed of doubt that flourishes in the atmosphere of isolation.

If the Enemy can get us isolated, he has a captive audience to spew his lies on.


The world will tell you that strength is found within the confines of your own arsenal. God will say that he gave you a support system and they are willingly sharing their arsenal with you too. Reach out. Ask for help. And gain strength the way that God intended.

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