Dear Mom Who Blames Herself…

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I don’t know about you , but I love and adore encouraging mom posts! Being a mom is hard and tough! We live in a world full of comparison and I am tired of putting myself down because I may not parent like another person.

It’s time we stop and encourage one another.


This is for the mom who blames herself to much. I am that mom.

My youngest, who is four, is going through what I call, “there were no terrible twos, what in the world is the four year old tantrums I’m getting” stage. When he doesn’t get his way he yells and screams and tells me I’m horrible, etc. What he doesn’t know in those moments, I used to judge myself. “Maybe I am a bad mom, maybe he acts out because I am not raising him correctly” the lies go on and on. And yes I said lies!

Same thing with my oldest, who is ten, different fit throwing. But still unhappy when she doesn’t get her way. Today when told no, I turned around and caught her sticking out her tongue at me. Again there went the judging. Same words sticking in my head.

But it doesn’t stop there. When they fall, when they get hurt..there come the lies. “You should have been there…”
You catch my drift.

I am putting my worth in my children and in the opinions of other people! Instead, my worth is in CHRIST and Christ alone! It doesn’t matter what people think, because people are different. God created us as separate masterpieces, no person is the same. Tonight as I ended a very rough day of throwing and upset kids, I sat on the couch and said out loud, “They don’t define who I am. Jesus does. And I am amazing in his sight! I am blameless and loved to him. Am I perfect no? But I can repent and have grace to carry me through. Jesus died for me, so that I am free of condemnation!”

How amazing!!!

Will I get it correct everyday? No!

And I am more than sure, repentance is like breathing some days, exhale repentance and breathe in grace!

Being a parent is hard! But his Grace is sufficient!

I am me. I am the best mom I can be. Not the best mom in the world. There is no such thing. I am the mom God created me to be for my children. And that’s all I can be, he has already given me everything I need pertaining to godliness. I just have to accept and thank him for grace in the moments that seem unbearable!

Thank you for being the best mom you can be!! Because I know that’s all you can do. And for those days, you know what I mean…. Let me just say…. It’s OK! God loves you! Grace! Grace! Grace!

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