Pride Can Be a Good Thing

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Pride. Some of us feel it every day, all the time. Some of us, rarely, if ever.

When I think of pride, it usually stirs up negative feelings. I think about people who think more highly of themselves than they should.


Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18

But do you think pride can be a good thing?

How about pride in your children?

That moment when they do something so wonderful, so amazing, so cute….that you practically burst with pride!


Surely you’ve been proud of your husband?

Whether it’s a position he earned at work, watching him as a father, or seeing him overcome a personal obstacle, most of us have felt pride towards our husband on a few occasions.

And a healthy pride in yourself is a good thing, I think.

To be proud of your accomplishments and achievements.

Just don’t let it get out of hand, and don’t forget the most important thing.


You couldn’t do any of it without God.


I wonder if God feels pride in us.

Pride in how we handle a tough situation, or how we surrender our day to Him.

Pride in our patience as a mother, love as a wife, kindness as a human being.

I would hope so.


But all the times I feel like I fail Him, fail my family, fail myself….It’s mercy and grace that I find myself needing more than pride.

 I’d rather be forgiven for the things I do wrong than prided for the things I do right.


Know why?

Because I do way more things wrong.


There are actually days when finding something to pride myself in would be….well, let’s say a struggle. When I don’t have patience with the kids, and I fight with my husband. When I look the other way instead of helping someone, because I don’t want to be inconvenienced or feel bad. When I doubt if God even hears me, let alone if He will EVER answer my prayers.

Yeah…not really pride material there.

But sometimes I think we need to look at the little things we do right, and if we do that, we can find pride in the smallest of places. Yes, that’s it!


Find pride in the small places. In the mundane chores. (Ahem- laundry, anyone?) You know the ones…that you do every day, the ones you could do with one arm tied behind your back. In the time you did manage to steal away with only one of your children, to focus just on them and make them feel special. In the unwavering love and support you show your husband, even when you feel like his attitude and actions aren’t very deserving of it. When you gave all of your change to the homeless person on the corner, because no, you don’t need a coffee, and your kids don’t need an ice cream cone anyway.

Pride can be a good thing if we use it in a way that not only keeps us from feeling bad about ourselves but also encourages us to be better.

To do right.

To be our best self.

If it motivates us to keep striving.

We’ll never attain perfection, but we can attain improvement.

And to me, this kind of pride can be a good thing.



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