A Day in the Life: Letting the Holy Spirit Manage My Stress

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A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to do her a favor. As she was out of town, soon to be coming home, some friends from her church offered to straighten her house. My friend had given me the key, so I met up with her friends to show them where she lives and hand the key over so they could clean.

Today, my daughter and I went to visit my friend, as she and her family were finally back home after a few months of being away. She was pregnant with her second child before she left and now she has a beautiful baby boy!

As we carried on our conversation she mentioned something which touched my heart. She said, “You know the girl you spoke to when the girls from my church came to clean? The girl said you were so nice! She wondered if you are a Christian and I said yes.”

The fact that her friend thought of me in such a way to wonder if I’m a Christian really made my heart warm. To think that I had shared enough kindness to them that I portrayed Christ-like qualities.

It was amazing to me that she caught a glimpse of the Holy Spirit in me. That day, I was feeling slightly frustrated because I got the time wrong, when we were all supposed to meet. Then one of the ladies, that was supposed to ride along, was late and having trouble finding us. When we finally got together, gate security wouldn’t let us through (military base), so we had to travel to another entrance to gain access so visitors could enter. I drove as they followed behind me, and I took them to my friend’s house. I left, with a sigh of relief, only to have to turn back around just minutes later because I forgot to give them the key!

Needless to say, it was a crazy morning yet I still somehow portrayed kindness.  To this I give all credit to the Holy Spirit. He took over as I was battling stress on the inside. It’s truly a blessing to see Him work through me, and this is a perfect example.

The stress I had was of no one’s fault in particular, it was simply the situation and having to get through a few obstacles to see it through to a happy ending.  Today I learned that you can be stressed and still have the Holy Spirit working inside you. You can feel overwhelmed or anxious and STILL be able to portray Christ-like qualities with His help. Just because we’re feeling a bit worn does not mean God has given up on us or has abandoned us at all. In fact, in our weakest moments, when we cry out for wisdom, patience and compassion, He is our stronghold.

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