Peace as an Umpire

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Psalm 119:165 “Great peace have they who love your law, and nothing causes them to stumble.” Psalm 119:165

This is a faith declaration. This is also an eternal Truth. This is an invitation. This is a gift.

This week was one of the weeks where I had bargained with too many events and I constantly saw a ticking time clock over my every activity. It was also the week one of my favorite pastors spoke about the power of “being present”. And the week I learned how much I’m like a little kid with God. I go rushing and frantic through the day, and then wonder at night, “Lord, are you mad at me? Do you love me?”

My son recently has been going through a stage where he is everywhere, at all times. Kind of omnipresent in a creepy way. Messes follow him, terror proceeds him, and he throws himself with abandon into every room of the house, as noisy and cataclysmic as possible. But I’ve noticed that every now and then he’ll realize he is all alone, in a back room, getting into mischief, and it freaks him out. He starts screaming for me. And the only remedy is to pick him up and lug him over the couch for a cuddle.

But I’m just like him. I go rushing and crashing into life, and suddenly realize I feel very much alone and frightened. The truth is, Jesus never left and His peace is always present for me. But I have to go after Him.

Peace is always available to me. It is a gift from the Holy Spirit to all of us who believe.

We have to pick it up and use it. We have a choice whether or not we take it with us in our lives. When I’m most in need of peace is when I let the demands of life pile on top of one another, until the list of my to-do’s is enormous and monstrously scary to look at. But if I operate in the moment, tackling each thing one step at a time, and constantly inviting the gift of peace to rule my heart, like Colossians 3:15 says, “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts,” then I’m a lot better off. The word “rule” in that verse is the Greek word, brabeuo, which means, ‘to be an umpire’. Peace calls the shots in my heart. Not fear. Not worry. Not the laundry list of things I still have to do before I rest.

As a mom, we all have a million different tasks to do, and several of them having to be done at once. But even in that crazy, there is an invitation to draw near to Jesus and accept His gift of peace. Peace comes from being present, and from being purposeful to let it rule in our hearts and minds.  Let the peace of Christ call the foul balls in your mind, call the outs, and the offenses, and send them away.

Let the peace of Christ rule your crazy.

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