DIY Canvas Pillows- No Sew

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Everything that I’ve done that is DIY, has been no sewing involved! Not that I am against the needle and thread but I don’t have a machine and sewing is on my bucket list of things to learn…eventually.

With that in mind, Sewing Glue and I have become well acquainted. Here goes another pillow project under my belt!

What You’ll Need:

  • Canvas fabric ( 1 3/4 yds)- or fabric of your choice.
  • Sewing Glue- my favorite brand has been [simpleazon-link asin=”B00178QSE6″ locale=”us”]Aleene’s Fabric Fusion[/simpleazon-link] (The tape kind failed on my last pillow project)
  • Stencil or cut out letters in your favorite font.
  • Fabric pen or paint in your choice of color- I used black.


Cut your fabric to size. I used the same measurements as I did in the previous tutorial when I did pillows for my patio. Click here.

Once it’s cut to size, you can print and cut out letters, as I did, or you can use another stencil of your choice. Or, if you’re really brave, you can freehand it! *Just make sure you outline very lightly in pencil on the correct side and piece of fabric, not the back pieces!

I chose the words and printed them to the size I wanted. It may take some trial and error if you’ve never done this before.


Next, with my fabric pen, I filled in my stencil outline.

The next part isn’t hard but it requires patience. Follow my steps in my previous tutorial, here, so see how to glue and where. It takes approximately 2-4 hours to dry so you will have to glue in sections. The good part is that you can do two pillows at once.

The pen was about $2, the fabric I purchased 50% off for about $20 but that included a few more yards I wanted for another project. An alternative to buying canvas from Joann’s is purchasing a canvas drop cloth at Home Depot for $10.00. I wish I had done that but I didn’t know that little trick until AFTER I bought the canvas from Joann’s! However, I have lots of fabric left over and with the drop cloth version, you’re likely to have leftovers as well. (Save for your next DIY!)

I used some of the leftover canvas to create the sign for my little craft station.
Once the sewing glue is dry and your pillow “case” is complete, stuff it! I used two old raggedy pillows I already had. I knew I would use them for something one day! Cotton is valuable in the craft world…

You can also fill it with old accent pillows, pillows at Salvation Army for cheap, or you can buy pillow inserts for crafts which can be found at craft stores- including Walmart.

As my daughter would say, “All done!”

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