What Have You Sacrificed?

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Do you remember before you had children how you imagined your life would be once you were a mommy? The picket fence and waking up every morning bright-eyed ready to greet your little pumpkin and start your day that would go smoothly.  I don’t know about you, but how I imagined mommy-hood is not quite my reality.

My Reality

My reality is I am tired, I want to be selfish with staying in bed and not wanting to curb a tantrum until I have had my full cup of coffee.  My reality is that not everyday flows smoothly as I have carefully planned it out the night before and my house is not as clean as my heart desires.  My reality is some times I don’t want to hear anyone fussing for a whole afternoon.  

On the flip side of that are the great parts of my mommy reality.  My reality is the pure joy that comes from a hug, a smile, and moments filled with giggles.  My reality is the awesome feeling when your child finally catches on to what you have been teaching them for what feels like forever and to see that confidence on their face.  My awesome reality is that whether it is a rough or a joyous moment, my child loves me and wants me and if my house is not perfectly straight it’s okay.  

What is your mommy reality?

I constantly feel like I am in this battle with myself of holding on to expectations of what I thought motherhood would be and my reality.  In those moments I completely surrender to the blessings God has given me to raise, and I see just how blessed I am and those expectations of perfection are ridiculous.  

When I am surrendered to giving God my best, not perfection but the best of my heart, desires, and intentions, He uses my relationship with my children (and vice versa) and our days are much better.

It is important to make sacrifices of ourselves so that God can show us more of His love and faithfulness to us as we nurture our children.

At the same time, it is so important to feed yourself with the Word and take care of yourself outside of being a mommy.

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