Pinspired Back-to-School Lunches #2

It’s that time again! Whether your kids go to school or are home-schooled, these little lunches make things so much easier and helpful for those busy moms!! Not only that, but we’ve found super healthy lunches- something hard to come by in those cafeterias!

This week we’ve collected FIVE MORE healthy options!


Here you see a random assortment and a little bit of everything. I love these lunches because your kids have VARIETY. I would recommend, however, to put the coleslaw/tuna salad/yogurt into a sealed container…and maybe the raisins, too!

Another great thing to remember, is to add a utensil! I think sometimes this is the last thing we think about when it comes to preparing lunches in the morning.


Don’t you just love the butterfly sandwich!? Aside from the butterfly, here we see primarily fruits and crackers. I think sandwiches allow a lot of room to add extra nutrition…you can add lettuce, cheese, meat, tomato, etc.


Watermelon slices, veggies, cheese, tuna salad and crackers: If you don’t have time to slice up watermelon, leave it in chunks or prepare it the week/night before. The trick will be to plan these lunches ahead, that way, you know what needs to be done in advance to save time.

As an alternative to tuna salad (again, you want to put this in a sealed container), you can put in coleslaw, shredded chicken or beef- be creative! Maybe you have left over chili?


Kabobs! Genius! I think kids would love this! Also in this picture, is that jello? What I would do is refrigerate tiny containers of jello and slip them in there in the morning. Another thing to plan ahead…Of course, making jello yourself helps with portioning and you get much more of it than store-bought and ready-made jello. You can even add the fruit in there while you’re at it! Two in one :).

Our final lunch is something I’ve made and LOVE…can I also say EASY?


I’ve made these crescent pizza rolls and they are amazing and incredibly easy to make. The great part is that you get 8 to a can- perfect for bigger families and more lunches. Simply unravel the crescents from the can, add half a cheese stick, top it with pepperoni and roll! You can add a little container of marinara sauce, toss in some veggies on the side and you’re done! These you can make the night before…just resist the temptation to eat them right away! They are really tasty :).

I hope you enjoyed this second post for back-to-school lunches. Please let us know if you have a favorite! Making lunches really can feel like a chore sometimes, but with a little creativity and preparation, it can be pretty fun. Get the kids involved, too!

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