Pinspired Lunchables for Back-to-School!

It’s that time again! Whether your kids go to school or are homeschooled, these little lunches make things so much easier and helpful for those busy moms!! Not only that, but we’ve found super healthy lunches- something hard to come by in those cafeterias!

This week we’ve collected FIVE budget-friendly options, one for every weekday!


Toss some leaves, some carrots or cucumbers, cheese cubes, an apple and some sandwich meat! You can even put some dressing in a small container tucked inside (sealed of course!). There are many different options as far getting the greens in those lunches!

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Roll up some sandwich meat, add some cheese, crackers and fruit and you’re good to go! A nice mixture of fruits, veggies, grains and dairy.


Some sausages, chips, a fruit and a veggie! They even tucked away a cheese stick! This one is gluten-free.


Here we see a simple sandwich, some nuts and grapes! You don’t even have to remove the grapes from the vine- little steps like this make things so much easier! It’s simple, yet nutritious.


Sandwich cut in half for TWO lunches, add fruit, cheese and some dip! You can mix it up, throw in some berries, maybe a slice of pineapple, or half a banana…so many options!


  • use leftovers
  • plan ahead that way you can grab- pack- and go!
  • buy in bulk

I hope these ideas help you out! The key is to keep it simple, buy in bulk and plan ahead! By planning ahead, mornings run so much smoother when it comes to throwing it together because you already know what you need! No rummaging through the pantry or fridge trying to make things work…ALSO, you can divide the foods by using cupcake liners or purchasing lunch boxes with the divided sections. Check your stores to see what you can find and be creative!

Do you have an easy lunchable idea?? Please share!

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