Our Identity as Women of Christ

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How many times have you lost your identity?

As a wife, mom, and step-mom, I know my identity has been pushed to the back burner. I got lost in life. Quite possibly when my son, who is now 19, became deeply involved with sports, did I realize no one really knew my first name. I suddenly became Tyler’s mom or #5’s mom. Over time it became important to be ME again. God created our life before we had ever lived it. He gave us a life before we became wives, mom, and step-moms. So why not celebrate who we are as individuals and as mothers?

God created this amazing world for women to be shining stars. He wants us to embrace who and what we are.

Knowing who you are is beyond key to showing what you are made of. It took me a long time to understand that the other being, the most amazing mom and step-mom, was Me. Along with making sure they were picked up on time from their activities, I could be a part of my life. Diving into my relationship with Christ, serving at my church, being a part of a small group, became important so I would be a better person to do life with.

I love the life God has given me. I am so excited to continue to become a better Me with Christ. I have become a stronger person, both spiritually and physically.

Not forgetting how special we are to Him is key to being an amazing woman of Christ.

Each and every one of us have been chosen for our special stories.

I am still identified as my son’s mother and as a step-mother, minus my first name, at times. My life has evolved alongside my children. I am now a mother of a 19-year old, have an 18- year old step-daughter, and a 14-year old step-son. I love that. God has now just revealed more of my plan and I know He has even more for Me.

I am Chris.
James wife, Tyler’s mom, Hope and Dakota’s step-mom, mom to a college freshman, step-mom to an Army solider, and step-mom to another teenager.
Most of all I am Christ’s daughter.

“He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name.” Psalm 147:4 NIV

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