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sasI had an extra end table to get rid of as I refinished lots of other furniture in my house and moved things around. At first I thought about selling it for a few bucks because there was no where I needed another end table. That is, until I came up with a way to re-purpose it into a kids table!

What You’ll Need:

  • unused table
  • sand paper or sander
  • chalk board paint
  • paint brush

Other options you could add:

A tension rod beneath with a roll of paper to pull it over the table. (I will end up doing this eventually.)

If your table has drawers, store extra paper and supplies inside.

Buy big coloring paper at dollar tree. Each pad comes with (?) sheets andit’s a cheaper alternative than a roll.

Keep your markers and crayons and chalk inside a little Dollar Tree caddy. I used this caddy for another tutorial before and I love how versatile it is!

Add chairs! I’m still in search for a couple of chairs for this table :).




Sand down the top of your table. You can also choose to paint the entire piece depending on your color scheme in the room but I kept mine the way it was. Once you’ve sanded, add 2-3 coats of chalk board paint. Make sure you allow proper dry time between each coat as instructed on the label.


Once it’s dry you’re all set! It instantly becomes a fun kids table or desk! I keep ours next to my daughter’s kitchen play set. In the picture you can see I used a simple pencil holder for her markers– it’s the perfect time to find them since it’s “back to school” season!

Please comment below with any questions, if you’ve done this before or if you have any more ideas!! I’d love to hear :).

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