Faith is Trusting God with Your Hope

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Almost a year ago, I was journaling one morning and I felt the Holy Spirit ask me, “What is your wildest dream?” I had been holding in a fantasy of writing a book deep in my heart. I wrote on paper that I wanted to be a writer. With that I released a long-hidden dream. The act of revealing it anywhere beside the recesses of my own mind was huge. When it was confined to my insides, it was only a quiet hope. I wished it to become something at some point in my life, but it was on a shelf with other things that are just not being pursued. When God asked me for my wildest dream, I went to the shelf and pulled it down. I carried it to His feet and left it there.

Offering up a hope to the hands of the Father is the act of faith.

Hope doesn’t morph into faith when you give it to God. Rather, hope is a seed that—once given to God—begins to sprout. The roots of faith grow from the seed. The two work together to produce the fruit. They are nurtured by the presence of God (soil) and water (worship). The health of the plant is dependent on constant contact with the soil and regular watering. We have to trust that growth is happening even in times of dormancy. The germination time for each type of plant is different. The harvest time is also unique to the species of plant. Even two tomato plants will have completely different harvest times depending on the type of seed planted.

Faith is such a broad term. We use it to describe our belief in the whole God-thing as well as to declare our trust that He is involved in the things we toil with here on Earth. Grand faith in the truth that God exists and He is the Creator of the Earth seems easy, but faith that He is active and involved in your inner most dreams is harder for most. Faith in His intimate involvement requires us to acknowledge that He already knows each and every one of our inner most hopes. The thing about our God is, that He is such a gentlemen, that He won’t raid your Hope shelf. He waits until you bring it to Him. He desperately wants to nurture those seeds, but He can’t make you put them at His feet. He will wait.

A reoccurring theme I am seeing in the articles I write is that God will only touch what you give Him permission to. Your pain, your dreams, your time, your life. None of it is really yours to begin with, but once it is handed to you, you struggle to return it to the Originator. We think we know best and we spend countless hours trying to shape the thing into something that will glorify God. However, God is inviting all of us to turn everything we get back to Him. He can morph it into a beautiful platform of praise. Do you believe that? Do you believe that regardless of the thing, He can turn it into beauty? That type of Faith takes guts. Not because He is not absolutely faithful to deliver, but because the world—and your own flesh—will tell you it is risky and unwise to trust anyone besides yourself with your fate or your situation.

In a culture of self-help and independence, God is asking you to be totally dependent on His guidance.

Can you do it? Saying “yes” to it all sounds scary, but simply say “yes” to the next step. Trust Him one step at a time.

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