Wisdom Through Hardship

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Oh how technology has changed things. On my tablet I brought up Google and voice searched “Wisdom”…this is what came up: “the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.” On my iPhone® I asked Siri® what wisdom is and he said in his British accent that there were 4 definitions and the one that stuck out to me was “The trait of utilizing knowledge and experience with common sense and insight.” Hmmm…common sense, something that I believe is going out of style, so to me if common sense is a part of wisdom, boy we are in a world of hurt. Now to me, wisdom is a quality that one gains through ever-growing knowledge and life experiences.

When I moved from home to my new home with my then boyfriend (we have now been married for 5 years), I was 19 and thought I had amazing wisdom and “come on, I just finished my Law Enforcement degree and I was starting a University for my Criminal Justice Degree!” I was going to have enough wisdom to fill a mall!…So I thought. I was now 146 miles from home, my boyfriend, traveled for work and I was by myself in a house that I was still getting use to with not having a lot of friends yet. My “wisdom” was telling me that I was in for a world of emotional hurt.

After starting my new education at the University and finding a job, I was gaining friends and guess what else? You got it, MORE WISDOM! So let’s go back to the definitions that I gave you above: “The quality of having knowledge.” Hey, I have that! But you know what is funny, I didn’t feel that I had the wisdom that I needed or really wanted. I felt as if something was missing. I loved school, and if I had the money I would be in school for as long as I could afford, and I love learning and gaining new knowledge about everything. But there seemed to be a hole. To me wisdom is something that you can start gaining as young as 4 and gain for the rest of your life. For the last 4 years I have had a wave of knowledge thrown upon me and that seemed to have closed some of the hole that I had while in school.

Becoming a mother you gain wisdom that you didn’t think was possible and this wisdom comes with the experience. You gain wisdom on diapers, coupons, cooking one-handed, and so much more. But to get on a more personal level the past year has been the year that I feel I have gained the most wisdom that I will carry with me for the rest of my life and wisdom that I will share with my daughter and my family. It was more than the wisdom I gained in school. That would be the wisdom that I gained while going through almost 3 horrific weeks of sever panic and anxiety attacks.

The wisdom that I have learned about was the power of God, the Bible, faith and prayer.

Isn’t it funny how you gain some of the most powerful wisdom during times of pain or hardships? But I believe that wisdom is what God has so carefully planned out for you to have in that moment so you can gain what he wants you to grasp the most. No where in those definitions is anything that included God. The definition of “wisdom” should be “Quality of knowledge gained through the life experiences that God has brought upon you.” Lets end with this Proverbs 16:16

“How much better to get wisdom than gold, and good judgement than silver.”

Wisdom is better then all the riches in the world and good judgment is just as important.

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